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In both Sierra Leone and Liberia, the exploitation of large iron ore mines will commence in 2012, leading to a surge in mineral exports. In Sierra Leone, the exploitation by African Minerals Ltd. and London Mining of two mines could generate export receipts of

Iron Ore from Buchanan Liberia Bulletin

The export of iron ore/iron ore fines from Buchanan, Liberia has increased during the past year due to the re-opening of the inland mine and export facility following years of civil war. The mine and loading facilities are operated by the same entity who are also The ...

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Ask an iron ore miner what he thinks of West Africa in 2012 and the answer will likely be "boom time". Mining companies and investors, including some heavyweight industrial combines in China, are pouring into the region in a quest for iron ore, driving a railway-building and mining boom whose worth JPMorgan Chase & Co recently estimated at $25bn.

Sesa Goa to Start Iron-Ore Mining in Liberia by Year-End

India''s Sesa Goa, which owns Liberia''s Western Clusters iron-ore project, will start mining operation in the African nation by the end of this year, Liberian President Ellen Johnson

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 · In 2016, global sales from iron ore exports amounted to US$71.8 billion while global sales from iron ore in 2012 was US$131.5 billion. Even though Liberia houses the world''s largest steel giant (Arcelor Mittal), but unemployment remains as high as over 80% and there is no plan to even manufacture steel nail or steel rod in order to increase economic productivity.

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 · Liberia has large resources of itabirite-type iron ores, most of which are located in the Liberian terrane, and was the largest producer in Africa prior to the onset of civil war in 1989. Production of iron ore is currently restricted to a single mine, Yekepa, in the Nimba Range.


 · Liberia has rich mineral deposits. Historically, mineral extraction – particularly of iron ore, gold, and diamonds – has been a leading export sector. The major minerals are exported mainly in raw or semi-finished forms. In addition to large iron ore deposits, there are substantial diamond and gold deposits as well as indications of ...

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 · Russian steelmaker Severstal said on Monday that it will not be able to bring its Liberian iron ore project on line without a partner to help with investment and share risk amid a ...

ArcelorMittal starts Liberian iron ore production

 · The firm has completed its first iron ore test shipment and aims to ship about 4Mtpa of iron ore from Liberia by 2012. The firm has also commissioned a team of local and international experts and NGOs to conduct a full biodiversity study in Liberia''s Nimba mountain range, to ensure that the local ecosystem is not affected.

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 · ArcelorMittal had been aiming for 4 million tonnes per year of iron ore from its Yekepa mine in Nimba County from 2012, rising to 10-15 million tonnes per year by 2014 or 2015.

Iron ore from Buchanan, Liberia

We would like to inform Members regarding the potential hazards of loading iron ore/iron ore fines from Buchanan, Liberia and the steps to be taken to ensure the safety of the crew, vessel and cargo. The export of iron ore/iron ore fines from Buchanan, Liberia has increased during the past year due to the re-opening of the inland mine and export facility following years of civil war.

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At the same year, Iron Ore was the 770th most imported product in Liberia. Liberia imports Iron Ore primarily from: Sierra Leone ($3.46k), United Kingdom ($1.42k), and Guinea ($197). The fastest growing import markets in Iron Ore for Liberia between 2013 and 2014 were Sierra Leone ($3.46k) and United Kingdom ($1.42k).

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Iron ore mining was the mainstay of the Liberian economy between 1960 and 1980, contributing more than 60% of export earnings and about 25% of GDP (Boakye et al. 2012), which then ranked Liberia as the largest exporter of iron in Africa and third larg-est in

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Sesa Goa to produce 10 MT iron ore from Liberia Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2012| Leave a Comment » Vedanta group firm Sesa Goa is targetting to produce 10 million tonnes of iron ore in the first phase of production from Liberia''s Western Clusters project …

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Liberia is rich in natural resources, including iron ore, gold, diamonds, timbers and rubber. Freed slaves from the United States settled in Liberia in 1822. By 1847, the country declared her independence becoming the first black independent country in Africa where Americo-Liberians were able to …

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 · In 2011–2012, iron ore exports are forecast to increase by 2 per cent to A$59.7 billion, compared with 2010–2011 (BREE 2012). However, there is scant analysis of the potential of West and Central African iron ore to supply Chinese import demand, and how this could impact the industry worldwide or in Australia specifically.

Liberia: Mining, Minerals and Fuel Resources

The country is awash with natural resources like gold, diamond and iron ore. Liberia is a low-income country dependant on foreign investments for revenue. All the major mines in the country were shut down during the civil war that ended in 2003 and hence the mineral industry''s contribution to the country''s economy was reduced drastically.


The iron ore mining sector could play a role in pulling Liberia out of crippling poverty. During the pre-war periods of high economic growth, iron ore mining was a prominent source of income and financing for Liberia''s development agenda. During the 1970s and

Putu Iron Ore Project, Liberia

Mid-2012 CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULED 2017 Putu Iron Ore Project, Liberia Putu iron ore project is part of a 425 square kilometre exploration tenement located in south-east Liberia. The mine includes a 12km ridge of banded iron formation which consists of ...

ArcelorMittal Mount Gangra Mining Project

ArcelorMittal Mount Gangra Mining Project – Front-Back Stream Sampler – Iron Ore – 2012 . In 2012 Mark & Wedell delivered a Front-back stream sampler (FBSS) to The Arcelormittal Mount Gangra mining project in Liberia.

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At the same time Barclay requested and obtained the services of a US geological mission, which would survey Liberia''s iron ore reserves. The arrival of this mission, in December 1943, coincided with the successful conclusion of negotiations for the construction of a port at Monrovia.

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2 Iron ore in West Africa West Africa has numerous deposits and major resources of iron ore. Currently it accounts for 15 per cent of African production with most mines located in supracrustal rocks in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia (BGS, 2015). Various types of

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 · The Government of Liberia expects mining to support the Liberia Rising 2030 plan, and the Nimba Western Range Iron Ore Project is the flagship for the sector. The current Phase 1 DSO Project was the largest contributor to Liberia''s GDP growth of 9 percent in 2012.

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from high prices and increased production. Iron ore production is expanding, though exports were hampered by infrastructure constraints that are expected to ease during the course of 2012. Foreign direct investment into the iron ore and palm oil sectors remains

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 · By 2012, ArcelorMittal aimed to ship four million tonnes of iron ore from Liberia each year. ArcelorMittal plans to increase global iron ore production to 100 million tonnes by 2015. According to Arcelor Mittals Yekepa Mine Area Resettlement Plan report, for 2010-2012 the total number of beneficiaries to pay compensation to for lost assets is 189 farmers.

LIBERIA : Jonah brothers in big iron ore deal

 · After lying low in recent months, the South African equity fund Jonah Capital suddenly caused a stir in early September - 19/09/2012 After lying low in recent months, the South African equity fund Jonah Capital suddenly caused a stir in early September by signing an exploration pact with the South African giant Kumba Resources concerning Liberia''s iron ore resources.

ArcelorMittal cites issues with Liberia iron ore

 · ArcelorMittal cites issues with Liberia iron ore Published on: 8 November 2012 Company says heavy rains and high moisture hampering efforts to ship iron ore out of Liberia.[$] ..To read the rest of this article, please login with your CW Group Single Sign-On . ...


growth is expected to increase to 8.8% in 2012 due to the first full year of iron-ore exports, and to moderate to 7.2% in 2013. Liberia is in transition from post-conflict reconstruction to medium-term growth and poverty reduction and is preparing its second medium

Iron ore drives Liberia''s extraction boom

 · In September 2011, ArcelorMittal became the first company to ship iron ore out of Liberia since the end of the civil conflict in 2003, hitting 1m tn in March of this year. Exports are expected to rise to 4m tn by the end of 2012. More companies are following suit. Russian steel firm Severstal bought out its minority partner Afferro Mining in ...

ArcelorMittal will share Liberia iron ore rail with Guinea …

 · ArcelorMittal will have to share the Liberian rail line it is using to export iron ore with Sable Mining and others miners in Guinea who request access, Liberia''s finance minister ...

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Western Range DSO Iron Ore Project, Liberia Environmental and Social Studies, 2008-2015 Biodiversity Conservation Programme Annual Report July 2012 to June 2013 ArcelorMittal Liberia Ltd. P.O. Box 1275 Tubman Boulevard at 15th Street Sinkor, Monrovia

Community Relations in the Putu Iron Ore Mining Concession

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Liberia, January 2012. 8 Earth Environmental Consultancy Inc, "Putu Iron Ore Mining, Inc Environmental, Social, and Health Impact Assessment and Management Plans," March 2014.

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ArcelorMittal Liberia''s iron ore is a direct shipped iron ore (DSO) product. DSO means that apart from some primary crushing, screening and blending at the mine, the iron ore is mined, shipped and consumed in about the same form as it is extracted from the ground. DSO is a sintering fines material. It is sold to steel mills and used as a feedstock ...

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 · diamond, and iron ore industries; export earnings from the mineral sector increased by 125% to USD 351.2 million in 2013 from USD 155.8 million in 2012 (Bermúdez-Lugo, 2014). Mineral export earnings in 2013 were dominated by iron ore (USD 314.2

Nimba Western Range Iron Ore Project Liberia

Page 2 of 9 Background Mining at Mount Tokadeh, in Nimba County, Liberia, took place between 1973 and the early 1990s, linked to iron ore mining in the East Nimba Range carried out by LAMCO and then LIMINCO. Mining at Tokadeh is

Mofe Creek Iron Ore License Granted in Liberia

Mofe Creek Iron Ore Project, Liberia • +40% Fe along 30km strike • 25km to coast, adjacent to rail, port and 50 Mt Bomi Hills DSO historic mine Nimba/Lofa Gold Projects, Liberia • Close proximity to Ity Gold Mine (5Moz) • Located on known gold hosting ...